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Where is your God now? Where is your God now?

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The overall composition is great, a nice sense of depth and the theme possessing suspense and a hint of desperation.

The floodlights however give the painting too much brightness, however. I know that you were trying to go for a nice contrast, but the luminoscity is so bright, It hurts my eyes just looking at it. On the subject of lighting, because there's so much coming from the floodlight, its hard to notice or decide where and whether or not the muzzle flash would even affect the lighting environment as much. Also keep in mind that light disperses as you go out in radius, so the lights on the zombies would thin out and show darker and more detailed features.

My advice, lower down the luminoscity a smidge, at least to the point where there's enough contrast, but not too much that it starts to be uncomfortable to look at. I know you might be worried about there not being enough impact, so consider this. The environment has a rainy atmosphere, therefore there's bound to be some fog. Use that to your advantage by emulating some volumetric lighting.

Like I said before, it's a great piece, just somewhat difficult to look at. I hope you'll create many more excellent works of art.

Artistically yours,
Io Kusanagi

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josemlopes responds:

The light is supposed to be like from a helicopter spotlight, so since its coming straitght at us it is supposed to look a bit rough.

Still a lot of stuff regarding light (like simulating volumetric light) usually isnt considered yet by me lol, I still only take in consideration basic stuff like where the light hits on the characters and where do they have shadows. Still have to learn a lot of that kind of stuff.